Friday, May 28, 2004

{{{On Lakers and Kobe}}}

It's about basketball alright?!! Not beef...=)

Anyway, been following the adventures of L.A. Lakers since Shaq switched over from the Orlando Magic.

This season is particular interested me alot. Not just because it comes after a 2nd round lost in the playoffs to their fourth consecutive Championship. Not because Kobe got hit with a sexual assault lawsuit. Not just because Shaq started looking less like the dominating force he's been.

But mostly because of P-MOB. Pick your poison gentlemen. You've got 4 hall-of-famers on one singluar team. Payton, Malone, O-Neil, Bryant. With just one on fire, you've got a problem. With two, you've got the L.A. Lakers. With all four on the team. Can you win?!!

For most of the season you've got two to three out at anyone time... but for the playoffs, P-MOB rules the roost. Face it, even without Kobe firing on all cylinders, LA will still win.

But Kobe...he's in a class all of his own now. Shuttling from court to court, he's simply blowing the opposition away. For the past few games, the way the Lakers play has been simply this. First half, get the ball to Shaq or Malone via Payton and let them post to victory. Kobe has taken a total of four shots in the first half in the past two games. 2nd half, with everyone concentrating on the inside, Kobe opens up from the perimeter...and what a plan it has been... The Timberwolves are going down...Onward to the finals!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

{{{Law It Is!!}}}

And so it ends. Sent off a letter to MOE rejecting the offer of a TA *makes a face* and spent the better part of the next few days waiting for a reply from law.

As it turns out, the wait was in vain. The successful offers were posted online from 210504 it seems. Heh, my decision didn't have to be such a tormented one in that case. Ah well...administration...

So yes! The offer has been replied to! And once the official hardcopy arrives and the payment is made *cough...SGD 500* I will be reading law in NUS for the matriculation year 2004/2005.

See ya there! Cheerios!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

{{{On Law and MOE}}}

Ack...why can't the law fac give me an answer whether I made it to law like by tomorrow...

MOE's TA deadline is Saturday...

Teaching (History, minor in econs) or law...I can't doomed...*sob*

{{{On debating social motions}}}

Realised an awful truth today. On certain issues, never shall the twain meet. On things like Euthanesia, Abortion, Censorship, Role of Government, and dare I say it, religion, rational people will agree up to a point and after that nothing else will persuade them because of ideology, because of differences in fundamental beliefs.

For example, was debating HC on abortion and during the debrief, one realises that on the principles and rights point, assuming both teams are credible, they should cancel each other out. Rights of the unborn child versus that of the mother's right to her body (privacy) and depending on whether you are 'pro-life' or 'pro-choice' ultimately depends on your basic view towards this.

So, onto the more important question. Will there ever be peace in the Middle Ease or the Balkens? Will they ever be an understanding between the various ethnic groups in south-east asia? I think, the best that can be hoped for is tolerance. Understanding, or more accurately, open-mindedness is merely a pipe-dream. One cannot change his ethnicity because it is intrinsically tied up with ancestery, rather than culture. Case in point, I'm probably more anglofied (partly coz me paranakan) than Chinese but because me parents were Chinese, I'm Chinese. Bollocks perhaps, but skin colour seems more important than professed believes. Conversely, once you have accepted a religion, all others must necessarily be non-believers (infidels, heathens, whatever ya?) and as such, one can only accept and tolerate THEM.

For there to be an US, there must be a THEM. The need to belong or to define, necessitates the creation, imaginary or otherwise, of groups that are different. And it is precisely this difference that will cause the kind of tensions and faultlines that we see today. In SEA, the faultlines are drawn along ethnic lines execerbated by socio-economic-religious lines. Malay-Muslims and Chinese in Indonesia come to mind.

So maybe salvation will come in the form of E.T., then maybe, just maybe we'll think of ourselves are fellow humans...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


There will be no updates for some time. Need to sort out some stuff in my life, nothing worrying, just what shape my future will take. Besides, She has gone for the Asians so I won't be online for quite a while...or at least till Chew Lin is back.


Friday, May 14, 2004

{{{{And so it comes to pass}}}}

After attempts spaced out over three years, I have finally come to terms regarding the likely probability of going to NUS. Goodbye LSE...=)

As long as the rejection letter from MAS and FIREfly is still not in , I still have some hope but honestly now....what are the odds of them suddenly deciding they want me? Similarly, I doubt the almighty MOE (or at least the HR lady and the Principals of TJC and Chun Cheng Sec) was swayed by the 'persuasive' arguments on why they should upgrade my teaching award to a full scholarship. *Shrugg* I can live with that.

At any rate, I now have prove positive that NS can be hazardous to your health. Before I went to my current unit, my BP was around systolic 110. Now, it's up to 140, which the MO says is a little hypertensive. And mom, being the health care professional that she is has been bugging me about it.

Her suggestion: More exercise or meditation. My solution: Zen Basketball! Where every dribble is an exercise at being one with the universe and the Here and Now. As well as answering a koan before every shot...=P

Well maybe Zen Pool will work better... Cheerios!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


After a grand total of five months and six days, CAAS has decided to inform me that I didn't cut their scholarship selection process...

Gee...*rolls eyes*

*On the Role of the 'Coalition of the Willing*

Letter to the forum...

I read with regret Mr Brian's Selby's letter, “Atrocities call into question role of the 'Coalition of the Willing” for it seems that he has placed the appearance of the moral high ground over the need to make amends and stay the course. In the process, he is all too ready to throw the Iraqis to the militant wolves.

Considering the search for the unaccounted for stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction has proven less than fruitful, the aims of the war has shifted to the creation of a stable and democratic Iraq. As such, the onus is now on the liberating forces, the “Coalition of the Willing” to ensure the time table as set out by Coalition Provisional Authority for the transition of power to the Iraqis is adhered to.

Hence, we have to question whether a withdrawal by the Liberation Forces will, firstly, remedy the problems of the abuses towards the prisoners and secondly, ensure that Iraq reintegrates smoothly into the International Community.

On the first issue, for Mr. Selby to call the abuses 'state-sponsored criminal acts' based on the words of a few accused, would be a gross and extremely flagrant generalisation. At best, certain departments could be construed of a slow reaction to such incidents. Even so, the withdrawal of the coalition would only aggravate the situation by reducing the credibility of the occupation forces with no guarantee that the situation will improve. Regulatory failure is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. Better that the individual nations, whose citizens were responsible for the abuses, punish them and that the other members of the coalition take up policing and regulatory work, thereby ensuring that no further abuses take place. Furthermore, as Mr Selby concedes, it was the US and British media who brought the incidences to light in the first place. Callous as it may seem, every war throws up its share of atrocities and abuses, but fortunately in this case, the situation was uncovered and is in the midst of rectification.

And lest we forget, Saddam's Iraq was a country under the baleful influence of a dictator whose word was law. Conditions in his prison was by degrees worse than whatever incidences that has been brought to light. And his people had no recourse in a cowed and corrupt judiciary, nor in the checks and balances of a free media. The war on Iraq changed that situation but much work has yet to be done as evidenced by the persistent low intensity fighting and the slow rebuilding of infrastructure. As such, for the coalition to pull out without a viable replacement would jeopardise the entire transition of power to a representative democratic Iraqi government by handing the its reins to he who has the most weapons and men. How this would help create a stable society that would not pose a destabilising threat to the rest of the region or a nation that will provide for its citizens is something that Mr. Selby has blatantly not considered.

Monday, May 10, 2004


Heh, at the end of it, my courses were not auditted, and which this does not mean that my past week in camp was a utter waste of time, it did mean I needn't have panic all that much.

But yes! It's all over! I'm clearing leave all the way till 070604! All the way!

ORD LOH!!!!!!!!

*SMU Hammers Part Deux*

Alas alas, it was not to be. Heaven Hell and Chocolate Eggs eventually finished with a record of 2-2. We lost the last round and tis was a pity. Admittedly we would not have broken into the semis (SIM, NTU A, NUS A, NUS B) but we would have finished higher than a 9th in a field of 30.

To be fair, it's already pretty good and we did break at the top of teams with a 2-2 record and we weren't the last amongst the tertiary teams (Universities and Polys). Good enough lah! =P

A pity I still didn't get to use the word predicated but I did get to use Vox US Vox Dei (The Voice of the US is the Voice of God)...=P


Saturday, May 08, 2004

*SMU Hammers*

So as it stands, the team know as HHCE (Heaven, Hell and Chocolate Eggs) has a win and a lost on its records with an unknown result for the last debate of the day. The lost was a split...and *ahem* there were some irregularities with the decision of the majority judges...but ah well...

Well...considering that the team was basically formed today in its entirety, I'm pretty happy with my performance and the team's! *Shrugg* more tomorrow...and there's not much of a chance that we'll break into the finals (mathematical probability indicates that only teams with perfect 4-0 will make it through) but yes we're determined to make a strong showing. It really doesn't hurt to get noticed...=)

Round 1: THBT the US should get out of Iraq. HHCE v NTU D (Prop won)
Round 2: THBT Japan's increasing remilitarisation is a threat to regional instability. HHCE v NTU C (Opp won, split 1-2)
Round 3: THW condemn the Death Penalty. HHCE v NYP B (Results pending)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

*Long long long day*

Okay! Point of clarification! It seems that my last blog wasn't clear enough. I actually argued for the criminalisation of spousal rape. The law question was that the current status quo was that sexual intercouse between man and wife cannot be rape and I voted to change it. Hence the weird syntax in some areas...

Right anyway, MOE TA interview today, which lasted a grand total of around ten minutes, 45 seconds of which was exchanging of pleasantries... I mean, yes, I did reject it last yuear...but wow, can't believe it was over so quickly...=) I pleaded my case for an upgrade in the scholarship thing and I'm hopeful but well...gee...

And yes, I admit to blowing my top during the dental ffi today. By the gods, they kept us waiting for more than an hour with no instructions on what exactly was to be done. Make some noise and get shouted at with threats to send all of us back. I mean, sure, it was a little noisy, but base human decency should include requesting that we lower our volumes first before threatening our hopes of salvation and sanity in the real world. Damn military structure!

Part of the TMP is down, another to go... The only reason I'm slogging my butt off now when I should be kicking back and relaxing is that unlike the so-called regulars, I actually understand the meaning of the word responsibility and the other value called professionalism... Yes I'm f-ing bitter and angry at the entire situation and to be frank I'm tempted to just stop and let them all get shafted...

And on that happy thought, cheerios!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

*Law Written Test*

First things first! New link to Karin...check the side... Sorry for the delay in putting in up...a thousand apologies...

Anyhow, yes, for those who read her blog, you would learn that the test was on whether we should criminalise spousal rape.

Well, I personally tried to argue that no, the law should not be changed on the basis that since there is legal recourse (i.e. domestic abuse/violence), it should be part of the wider effort to stop governmental intrusive into the privacy of the bedroom, i.e. get rid of 377. Furthermore, considering that a marriage can be annuled on the basis of not consumating it, there is an implicit contract of sexual congress in the institution of civil union/marriage.

Then as I wrote the con side I realised that I couldn't sustain the argument. What persuaded me in the end was two things. First, the Judiciary should not attempt to legislate, that it should be left to the Legislature, passed by the Executive and based on the mandate of Vox Populi Vox Dei (the Voice of the People is the Voice of God) and since there SEEMS to be no impetus for an advance in sexual mores but a desire for gender equality and protection of women's rights, the law should be changed to preserve the status quo. Second reason was this, while I did make the feminist arguments (I don't think it is Karin), I felt more persuaded by the Man's rights. After all, it is an assumption that males are necessarily sexual predators and females the sexual victims. Rape is not about sex but power and if domestic violence can affect the guys, harmonise the laws to give protection to both sides! The law (in general) as it stands is demeaning to both genders and highly biased against males with regards to marriage and sexual crimes(Women's Charter anyone?) hence changing the law should be a good step in improving the situation...=P

Well...that's basically it...the last page and a half was fluff and nice sounding things... Pity I didn't get to use the word predicated...=P


*On ISO and other matters*

I would come up with a snazzier title but my imagination tank is seriously running on empty after an entire days' worth of Training Management Plan (TMP) creating...and in particular the Instructional Objectives (IO)

Funnily enough (though there's absolutely nothing funny about the entire ISO procedure), it's almost exactly like a UN resolution, in linguistic terms, because they both start with verbs. But whereas the UN resolution goes something like "Recognising the need to respect soveriegnity, we'll still go in and kick your butt if you do naughty War Crimish things", the IOs go, "Explain the classification of diabetes mellitus into Type 1 IDDM and Type 2 NIDDM"

On the bright side, I managed to requisition a laptop so my productivity has naturally increased for I no longer have to battle to get to the computer in our wing. Life's good...for a snowball in hell anyway.

Anyhow, cheerios...I need to sleep now...

Monday, May 03, 2004

*And it's back to the grind*

After a marvellous week and two days of leave clearing full of interesting conversation, a law interview, a law written test, debate, pigging out on something over than SFI and loads of Diablo/Hellfire, I'm now forced back to camp to do some really last minute desperate work before the audit next week, where I'm greeted with, "What the hell are you doing here?" or "I thought you were clearing leave" or my favourite "Go home lah!"

*Sigh* I'm doomed.... I'm like a week away from clearing clear all the way...ORDing in June and it still kinda feels like I've got months to go... Dang ISO....

SMU hammers this saturday and sunday...anyone interested in coming down? Our team is probably going to be called. Heaven, Hell and Chocolate Eggs...=P