Tuesday, May 04, 2004

*On ISO and other matters*

I would come up with a snazzier title but my imagination tank is seriously running on empty after an entire days' worth of Training Management Plan (TMP) creating...and in particular the Instructional Objectives (IO)

Funnily enough (though there's absolutely nothing funny about the entire ISO procedure), it's almost exactly like a UN resolution, in linguistic terms, because they both start with verbs. But whereas the UN resolution goes something like "Recognising the need to respect soveriegnity, we'll still go in and kick your butt if you do naughty War Crimish things", the IOs go, "Explain the classification of diabetes mellitus into Type 1 IDDM and Type 2 NIDDM"

On the bright side, I managed to requisition a laptop so my productivity has naturally increased for I no longer have to battle to get to the computer in our wing. Life's good...for a snowball in hell anyway.

Anyhow, cheerios...I need to sleep now...


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