Monday, May 03, 2004

*And it's back to the grind*

After a marvellous week and two days of leave clearing full of interesting conversation, a law interview, a law written test, debate, pigging out on something over than SFI and loads of Diablo/Hellfire, I'm now forced back to camp to do some really last minute desperate work before the audit next week, where I'm greeted with, "What the hell are you doing here?" or "I thought you were clearing leave" or my favourite "Go home lah!"

*Sigh* I'm doomed.... I'm like a week away from clearing clear all the way...ORDing in June and it still kinda feels like I've got months to go... Dang ISO....

SMU hammers this saturday and sunday...anyone interested in coming down? Our team is probably going to be called. Heaven, Hell and Chocolate Eggs...=P



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