Wednesday, March 31, 2004

*What's Next*

Heh....hands up all those who expect another rambling on PPE...=)

Well, sorry folks, it's going to be on American Idol. Yes I watch it and yes I like it. For the observant who notice the time of posting and wonder why I'm not watching it, reason's simple...the guys sang terribly today...I'm depressed. I mean, sure I like female singers and all but the fact is they already rule the airwaves and I want/need something different.

Anyway, Jon Peter Lewis was bad and Stevens was in the words of the immortal Simon Crowell (he was his own wax figure at Mdm Tussad!), "abysmal" and I totally agreed. Motown week, the song My Girl and he totally screwed it this rate there won'[t be any male singers left in the competition which will be a massive waste.

Anyway, for those who want a return to my regular posting on boring serious stuff, I'll do one some on the Mongol option 'k? or as Paul puts it "Kill Them All"


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