Monday, March 01, 2004

*Theme from The Empire Stirkes Back playing in the background*

Greetings from the the Specialist Mess of School of Military Medicine, Nee Soon Camp, where I have just returned from my two day one night bimonthly commune with nature, where your uniform is a canvass for the downpour, you hair to be bleached by the sunshine, your combat rations a place for dust to reside and your bodily blood a meal for the freakin' commando mosquitos... Thank the pan dimensional deities for the SAF insect repellent...=)

Stores to be settled, surveys to be consolidated and IQAs to be met but hey you know what? I ain't gonna sweat the small stuff coz I'm going to ORD!!!! =) *Warbles in a William Hung-ish kind of way*...Time is on my side.....

Cherrios Ladies and Gentlemen


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