Saturday, February 21, 2004

*A Long Day (210204)*

Eh heh heh...forgor to publish this... But anyway....

I'm not entirely certain why I bother with titles...but I suppose it has to do with the inate goodness of my heart *ahem* fair warning before proceeding to read my entry with all the possibility of a traumatised psyche...from boredom or *yet another defence of the status quo* kind of article. Besides, it appeals to my Singapore-Education indoctrinated mind that all essays must have head, body and tail and it must be proportional (human sized I suppose).

Anyway, after being on duty for the past 24h with 5 hours of sleep, I go forth into the educational hub that is the Western part of our sunny island to attend the Service Quality Training Seminar. The cool part? Our very own personalised format (yes yes...I know it's a military term but it ain't a book alright?!@!) with tons of stuff based upon a psychometric assessment of us. The bad part? One saturday burned...the guys will understand but probably not the females barring regulars and the few with NS boyfriends (*explitive deleted* inegalitarian system)

It seems that I'm:
1. High openess (to change): I'm a debater....'nuff said ya?

2. Moderate conscienciousness (to tasking/work): Depending on how one looks at it...I either have a propensity to slack or to work...=)

3. Moderate extraversion (response to other people/sensory activities): Moderate sensory trashold...ability to ease from working independently to working with others and vice versa...prolonged sensory bombardment/deprivation will lead to insanity (probably others)

4. Low Agreeableness (to Authority): Apparently, I'm a challenger...someone who responds sceptically to those in authority and will work to protect my own interest... True, but unfortunately screw by the atypical circumstances of NS....when insubordination means a trip to Kranji and a free...REALLY short haircut, you'll tend to go "Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three bags full"...

5. Moderate Negative Emotionality: Moderate stress treshold, can handle crisis and stress but not persistantly and constantly... Sleep deprivation kills me....

Well there you go....if you ever wondered what The Author of this blog is like....=)


p.s. 3 3/4 months to ORD ORD ORD ORD ORD ORD!!!!!!!!!!! Hooyah!


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