Monday, January 12, 2004

*Tap-dancing with Kittens*

Yet another book review...

Yes, the beauty of having a wonderful university debater girlfriend is that she borrows books from the Central Library for you. =)

Title: The Fight is for Democracy

Synopsis: Series of articles that argue what can be termed neo-liberal/New Left ideas. I think the essay that best reflects this thinking is its title 'Between Cheney and Chomsky'...although how much of a Neo-Con the VP is, is rather debatable. Basically, the articles argue on a number of ideas such as Democracy and Inequality, a new approach to the Arab nations, how the inheiritors of the Enlightenment have become the bastion of conservativism, the idea of Patriotism amongst others. My only complain is that the essays on the free market and globalisation has terribly selective examples and skewed arguments and a fundamental misunderstanding of it...

Personal feelings: Thank goodness for the book really. I found my politics drifting to the right rapidly...rather like the Neo-Cons (who were basically disillusioned liberals)'s a pity that the Left still has rather keynesian ideas with regards to economics but it's a start. Hurrah for the Third Way! =)



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