Tuesday, December 02, 2003

*On dreamscapes and moonbeams*

Salutations! BTW, don't bother psychoanalysing the title, it means nothing and pop off the top of my head...=P Of course one could argue that this author is rooted in escapism and fantasy and that this blog will be a piece detailing his hopes and desires...=)

Anyway, miracles of miracles, I actually got a direct invited from an agency to apply for a scholarship... Well, it ain't MOE or MAS or the Almighty PSC...but interestingly enough CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of SIngapore)... What they want with me (or how they got my results) is pretty much beyond me...but hey gift horse...don't look it in the mouth and all...*shrugg*

Anyway, to my classmates out there... Study hard, play hard... Never forget our Humanz motto *ahem* "A lifestyle of decedence, a tradition of excellence" Another President's Scholar yet again and counting...=) To my juniors, good luck, don't give up hope if you don't get it next year...

And now off to print more scholarship forms! In the spirit of finance and economics, I will hedge my bets and apply for every single scholarship available...



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