Wednesday, November 26, 2003

NEW LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! links...please check them out coz they're really pretty good...ex-classmates of my leading seemingly (yes I'm trying to delude myself) more exciting lives...

*Boo hoo*....get me out of here...=P

On an unrelated side note... Going for attachment tomorrow...or rather my trainees are and as instructors we much go 'monitor' them...which means waking up yet again at an ungodly hour to go to a hospital where you look terribly out of place in your Smart 4 and resist the temption to say to hell with it all and go down to Borders to read graphic novels (not comics....)

So if you so happen to call or message, I'll have to sneak to the toilet to answer it and let's just say the ambience ain't that condusive ya?



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