Wednesday, November 12, 2003

*A new beginning*

Other than the byline to what is perhaps the best star wars movie...if not the sum total of movies for all time, yes, I shall attempt to keep this up for longer time this time round...

*Warning*....will be shifting stores till some ungodly hour tomorrow so I'm not blogging... If I do blog it means that I'm slacking and therefore I should be posted out to some slack position preferably somewhere in Jurong. *Looks hopefully around for his various bosses*...please?

Things on my backlog.
1. Debate articles
2. General articles
3. Ravings about life
4. Oops...*ahem* I mean penetrating insights into the mysteries of life
5. Book reviews

Short update:
1. 7 months to ORD
2. Retook my GP yesterday...*falls to his knees and beats at his chest while crying out to an uncarrying sky*...right....hopefully I get a better grade than C5 this time...*miffed*
3. Read a serious lot of good books this past week
4. George Soros is putting in "Fifteen meeelllliioon dollars" to oust Bush
5. I broke down and went on friendster...
6. Archar! is pretty good

Anyway, cheerios!


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