Friday, July 11, 2003

*Softshoe with Lupines*

{{{The Return}}}

Made a trip back to HCJC today( my alma mater in case you didn't know =) ) with bended knees and cap in hand to get some notes from my ex-tutors.

*Aside*: I am not from Chinese High by the way, though my juniors and seniors evidently think so. I am from ACS(I) and I'm proud of it. And to pre-empt all those loyalty questions, yes, I would have gone to ACJC if it hadn't been like the long-lost forgotten cousin of the AC family or more importantly the fact that they didn't really have a humanz program or even worse...they were doing paper 14...which is like ANCIENT history....

In particular, numero uno. GP paper to practice for my upcoming GP exam on the 11th of November. I'm still smarting over my grades and it doesn't help that Mr Perry tells me today that our juniors jad like 33 A1s and that the lowest grade was a *freaking* 3.... *Sigh*...

The second set of notes was from Mr particular the S-econs notes. BTW, I would strongly recommand the Economist School Briefs to everyone. It's readable and terribly useful whether you're an econs novice or an undergrad. Highlight of the return was sitting in the econs lecture by him. Terribly nostalgic as he said. *Soft laugh* I could actually feel the eyes of both classes on me as I entered wondering who the intruder was...=) but it was good, got a quick revision on EOS (economies of scale) and its relation to two particular germans. One of whom is indelitably linked to material dialecticism.

I really do like HC. It has some of my best and worst moments in my life. I suppose after SAF, JC looks like some kind of Golden Age. I mean despite being physically abused and my manhood questioned by my female (and I use this term loosely) classmates, it wasn't a bad time...=) The food more than made up for them. (Hmmm...considering that they're all back from England, maybe talking about them in such a fashion isn't such a good idea after all...)


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