Tuesday, June 17, 2003

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Okay! First I would like to thank all the people who actually bother to read my blog and post comments...

Next, I'm probably going to stay off social issues for a while =) And return to my...*ahem*...forte of PE (without the other P...for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, see my first article)

Trying to work off a backlog of issues so bear with some rehashed issues

Title: Weapons of Mass Destruction

To pro-war and anti-war camps, please pray (in whatever way you see fit) that they are found soon. For the pro-war camp. Perceptions counts. It doesn't always matter what the truth is but how it is perceived, especially in the arena of politics where choice, and hence perception is all. Unless the WMD are found soon, the mounting criticism of towards the war is simply going to grow. Accusations of fraud and comparisons to Nixon (Watergate) and Reagan (Iran-Contra Gate) and heck even to Clinton are simply going to keep mounting. Nevermind that Iraq has a long history of fraud, nevermind that Saddam had what the police call form when it came to his 'declaration' that he possessed no weapons of mass destruction or had already destroyed them. Nevermind that Saddam would willingly subject his people to twelve years (a little inaccurate coz they found a stash of chemical scuds in 1994-5) of sanctions despite not having WMD. Nevermind that every major intelligence agency points to the fact that he still has them (and yes they include France's and Germany's). Simply put, to the anti-camp war, the equation is simple. We were told a pre-emptive war needs to be declared because Saddam is a dangerous man with dangerous weapons ready to strike in '45 minutes'. We disagree with the assessment and method of disarmament. Now that your destructive and selfish war is over, where's the smoking gun? Even if you did not lie, you seriously exaggerated the truth.

To the anti-war camp. You, too, better pray that the weapons turn out soon. There is barely a snowball's hope in hell that Saddam had destroyed all of his weapons. The problem now is where are they. If they are still in Iraq, do his loyalist have access to them? Will they use them? If they are out of Iraq, how and why? Imaging Hiroshima visited on one of the capitals of the world, and you have an idea of the stakes we're playing for here. Remember, Iraq's bio-chem weapons were not discovered till 1994 and that was only after defectors exposed them. If you though sarin was bad, imagine VX in your country's subway. If you wonder where North Korea's or Iran's nuclear programs come from, well there isn't that much of a stretch of imagination that Iraq was involved somehow.


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