Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Yup...another literal title. Which leads in nicely with a point made by a friend whom I had dinner and engaging conversation with last night. He said that I wasn't quite arty or litty (sorry, literary would be more accurate but dang it! I deserve some cuteness in my live......don't ask...). More accurately, I don't sound like that sort. For a good example click on the link on the sidebar "Kissed by God" (HC humanz lit reference to those innate artistically gifted). Maybe I don't quote from classics or something...8>

Anyhow, can't really work myself up to another longish post... But anyway, any request for the next "Boogie on the head of a pin'?

Only worthwhile (recurrent) thought of the day involved human rights, liberty, civil rights and the safety of the public. Personally, I think too much has been made of the supposite conflict between them, when the real questions are, 1. Is there really a dichotamy? and 2. Even if there is, where should the balance lie?

On the first, here's a quote from Benjamin Franklin: "He who values security over liberty, deserves neither liberty nor security". On the second, here's one from Marshall (one of the great supreme court judges) who summed up the idea that rights are not absolute and can be breeched, "The right to free speech does not give the right to shout fire in a crowded theatre." There is the right to free speech, but there too are slander and libel laws. (Racism is another topic for another day)

And where does the media lie anymore anywhere? Has it become the fourth estate? One of the pillars (and feeders of the trough) of society? Has investigative journalism really become nothing more than the tabloit of the intellectuals? Has journalistic integrity been sacrificed on the alter of profit margins of 'the greater good'

And do I know where this post is going? =)


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