Monday, April 14, 2003

As the title says. It's an alpha, a beginning. And may there never be an omega.

To those who have stumbled onto this blog accidentally, have fun. To those who came with a purpose, hope ya find it. To those who wandered aimlessly to find me, well you've found me. To those who were hoping to avoid me but found yourself here anyway, um....well stay or go it's up to you. Irregardless of your route of progress, this merely begs the next question, What Next?

All stories (or blogs) must have a beginning and (to borrow the phrase) In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was etc. etc. SO.... First, to satisfy my narssictic tendancies, a introduction to this author is in hand to lead you through the "wonderful wonderful" world that is his mind...=) (And if you believe that, you're a better person than most can claim. Including in my weaker more human moments, ME!!!!)

But first! Uno, a disclaimer: No blog posted here shall be read with or without intension as representing views of organisations that the author may or may not be affiliated with. Further more, reading any of his blogs may be detrimental to your mental and physical state of health, or at least your viewpoints anyway. Thirdly, reading INTO any of his blogs of some form of existantial meaning is definately an exercise in futility as this author is an avowed materialist. Fourthly, this author is tempted to place some form of plea to the almighty three letter acronyms that control his future via possible scholarships, but he realises that with hindsight that they're not likely to read them and may be detrimental to his chances if they do at any rate.

Anyway back to the original point. My name is Lee Wei Han Shaun. Currently 19. Currently serving his nation through compulsory military service (and that's the last you'll ever read about NS). Currently attached to a wonderful wonderful lady. Currently munching on some popcorn as he composes this blog. At any rate, he has been described by his friends, superiors, juniors, seniors and subordinates variously as 'an amoral bastard', 'debater', 'the guy with the funny hair', 'a well groomed mushroom', 'shine' (give it a go I'm sure you can figure it out', 'a nice guy', 'a horrible guy', 'guy with no life', 'paradox'...well you get the idea.

I should come round to posting about the people around me who have variously made a impact on me, my life, and my rpgs. Once I thaw my fingers out anyway.


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