Monday, April 14, 2003

Okay... A brief guide to the all important people in my life at the moment.

Me mom. Without whom I would not be here today. In all sense of the word.

Me brother. Psychoanalysing him would be a hell lot cool if he were my twin coz of our remarkable similarities and disparateness.

Her. Until I get permission from Her, I won't be using her name here anytime soon =) Needless to say she's very special in my life and it's disturbing to imagine life before and without her.

The debaters of Hwa Chong. This goes out to all past, present and future members of the debate wing of the ELDDFS.

The debaters of Hwa Chong, 2001. You guys (and gals) have a special place in my heart. Admit it, we were a pretty dysfunctional bunch/team but it was fun while it lasted...not to mention all the waves we created.

The classes of Humanz 00A14 and 00A15. *Stratches head*, what can I really say about them really. Well, the reason I had a blast in JC was because of you guys and the gals (the fact that the ratio was three gals to one guy or conversely that we were seriously outnumbered by a group of really independent and brilliant ladies had nothing to do with it of course....or the ahem...'gender disputes' we had)

I promise I'll gve you guys a proper tribute....once I find the time of course...=>


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