Tuesday, April 15, 2003

{{{A Reflection on the War thus Far}}}

Brilliant and original title ain't it? =)

Anyway for those who found my previous post a little too dry and sober and boring (hmmm....sounds like my drinking patterns) here's something with a little more humour.....

I call it....{{{War and Economics}}}

Aggressive acquisition: Um...need I really need to go into this?

Allocative Effeciency: Handing over part of the job to the UN

Appreciate: 1. Iraqi real estate prices
2. Not the US in many parts of the world
3. Not the French in the other parts
4. Not Saddam.

Bush Fire: What Bagdad would look like if Saddam had his way

Collectables: Saddam memorabia selling on e-bay

Colleteral: Bush Jr. collecting on the debts Saddam owes his daddy

Colleteral Damage: Blowing up all those lovely palaces with all those lovely and valuable collectables

Entrepreneur: Pigeon/Canary sellers in Iraq

Imperfect competition: US v Iraq

Inflation: Iraqi military ability

Interest: What anti-war countries are showing in the reconstruction of iraq now that the war's suppositely in its end stages

Interest Rate: Going up day by day!

Liquidity: 1. See oil
2. Anti-war stands

Oil: Makes the world go round...smoother

Pioneer advantage: What the US had, Bagdad didn't and in the end it told

Returns: Bush in Iraq...part 2

Real-politic(k): US waging war and there's not much that we can do about it... (And admit it...did we really want to?)

Scarsity: Diplomatic goodwill in trans-atlantic relations

Shut down point (of the firm): Tikrit

U.S. bonds: Iraq-US, US-Britian....you get the idea =)

Withdrawal: What Saddam has appear to have done


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