Tuesday, April 15, 2003

{{{The War Thus Far}}}

For those who expect something witty from the above title, one piece of advice, read the disclaimer (second blog). It is in actuality about the war in Iraq.

For the record, I'm utterly and totally pro-war....on balance.I wish that there it had not come to this stage of being. I wish that there had not been any casualties, civilian or otherwise. I wish that there were world peace and harmony. Unfortunately, that's like wishing that there's a santa clause. Which is good in some ways actually. The Similar Principle is as thus: If there ain't one, be one!

Don't wish for world peace, play an active part in its promotion and propergation. As Michael Jackson may say: "It don't ain't matter if you're black or white". Preach mode ~ Let there be a glowing light and may it be the light of truth and awareness. Yea, John Maynard Keynes may say 'In the long run we are all dead' but let there be a world of peace for our children. As such let there be War! It can lead to peace....in the long run ~ Preach mode ends. For those who believe in peace, peace I say, there's nothing quite wrong with peace or the status quo or tradition or society.... But sometimes, 'to go two step forward, one must take one step back'. Tradition sometimes is nothing more than an innovation that work rather too well. Or another commy quote by a famous Great Chariman, black cat white cat, who cares as long as it catches the rats.


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