Thursday, July 10, 2003

*Softshoe with Lupines*

{{{On economics}}}

I've revisited a particular My John Maynard Keynes and his General Theory for the past couple of days now and I am absolutely devestated at the state my micro-econs has degenerated. I can't for the live of me remember what MPR stands for anymore or how it is derived or why it's of paritular importance to wages. And most of all, I still can't figure out why firms produce in the second (or was it third stage?) of production. *Sigh* Well...Mr Barnard did try...

Next, I was feeling real happy that I could still recreate an ISLMBP (Investment Savings Liquidity Money Balance of Payment) curve whe She drops a bomb on me that Bobby says that the analysis is passe and outdate with regards to post-Keynesian analysis (*sigh* well there goes Samuelson's Neo-Keynesian Synthesis). ARGH!!! that I'm in a more rational frame of mind. Yes, Bobby, we will talk. If there's something that can explain/analyse every macro economic question without having to resort to nine graphs and five pages to set up in the first place, I'm game.

Not least on whether it's still worth taking econs in NUS after the horror story Ning told of the lectuer trying to explain how MC is derived from a list of cost numbers. *Ahem*...Because the marginal cost is the marginal cost....*Gee*


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