Friday, July 04, 2003

*Softshoe with Lupines*

*Muses* I'm not a terribly fatalistic person, but more and more I find myself drawn into the mystical world of numerology.. In particular the hold the number 3 has on me.

All numbers need letters and its 3 letter acronyms that seem to habe such a tremendous hold on my life currently... Their powers are overwhealming, their will inscrutible. Their manners mysterious, their actions befudling. They are not to be question by mere mortals such as us.

Such...institutions...such as the SAF (to serve) and PSC (a promise of salvation) and MFA and MAS and EDB and MOE (light at the end of the tunnel).... And of course the PAP..

But there is an even larger organisation that is a law unto itself, its tentacles infiltrating into every major organisation in the world.. Its name is whispered in shrouded tones, whispers speak of agonising days and nights in its vicelike stranglehold... The ISO...


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