Sunday, August 03, 2003

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Aside: I'm finally caved in and got onto the broadband wagon since last thurdays. Theoratically this should mean that my post get more frequent... I repeat, SHOULD...=)

Okay...was reading the cover story for new paper today and the one thing that stuck me was the two page spread on that JC girl Ruo Mei. What got me interested was two things. One, who much of the story is representive of the real person. I've have had two friends interviewed by the papers and had their own news spread. in both cases, they said that the report bordered on the unethical...=) Well guess when our newspapers with their absolute monopoly need to gain the interest of their audience... And two, what exactly did she say in both of the outings she has chosen to highlight.

To be honest, I'm hardly impressed by what she has said. In my view, she has simply skimmed the surface of the issue on both accounts. On the iraqi issue, 'nuff said, don't think I need to repeat what exactly is wrong with her question to the DPM. On the Dr (yes, that is his title) Chee Soon Juan issue, the fact is, even if he were wrong over the amount and exact nature of the loan (apparently it's not a loan but a guarantee that we would provide one in the event Indonesia need it), the fact is there were a number of issues raised that were only 'answered' when he brought the incident up. Among them, the power of the Executive, the power of the President as guardian of our reserves and certain things about tax revenues and fiat accompli.

*Shrugg*...would be nice if debaters get a (positive) spread in the news too... Ah well...


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