Wednesday, August 27, 2003

{{{Tempest in a teacup}}}

You know the best thing about them? They're not life-threatening or earth shaking or world shattering or another but they sure feel that way don't they? =P

Question from Ally McBeal: "What makes your problem so much bigger than other people's"
Answer from moi: "Um...because they affect me?"

For the NS guys out there, you know the sensation when you got a last minute arrow? Now increase that exponentially till you get a harpoon and you get the idea ya?

So here's the Top Ten list for today.
{Top Ten Reasons to be in NS}

1. Tekong BMT: Exercise regime with free food and board and constant incentives and motivations from your friendly commanders

2. Camo cream: The ultimate in facial, ranks up there with SPF 100000 protection and those mud spas you pay a fortune for

3. For that perfect fresh look: 10-11 litres of water per day. Detox thru hydration!

4. House-husbands to be: Learn to wash, sweep, mop, iron and its all totally free!

5. Weapons, weapons and more weapons and you get to fire them too!

6. To my brother medics: After 16G nothing much fazes you anymore ja?

7. Inter and intrapersonal skills: Learn to use various 'motivation' speechs and tools to get your men moving

8. Linguistic skills: Wanna brush up on your chinese, singlish, dialects? Here's the place to be. You can learn to swear in german and Russian even =)

9. Effeciency: DO more on LESS sleep...alot less sleep

10. No. 4 Fatigues: Unless you've worn my alma matta's uniform, there's nothing more water, chemical, stain or fire resistant.

Cheers ya?


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