Sunday, January 18, 2004

*I can't think of a title*

And that's literally true...nothing off the top of my head except this... But the benefit is that I get to put in a whole bunch of incoherent and totally non-analagous little bits of text.

You have been warned =)

Globalisation: Making it easy to protest against it...
I mean, when you think about it the only reason why you can have so many people protesting against it is because the fundamental principles of globalisation i.e. the committment to the free movement of good, services, capital, knowledge, infomation and people with its accompanying rise in the general level of living actually makes it possible for things like Seattle and the anti-WEF to occur... Go figure...=P

Suffer the little kids...or their mothers: Eyewitness account, little kid wearing red shirt with the caption 'Bread, Peace, Work'. Oh gosh...what was his mom thinking? A budding leninist in our midst?

Polite society: At a wedding reception with my cousin and made this passing remark 'The problem with weddings is polite society which means I can't talk about the three best things I'm best at. Sex, politics and religion'


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