Thursday, February 05, 2004


Literally collapsed on the Mr.T today... Listening to my Shaun Paul CD when the next thing I know, my knees have buckled and I'm mere inches from the ground... like these do great things for manly male ego...=)

Mother finally coming back from HK *cheers*...on 12 midnight flight *sob* and I'll be meeting her at the airport. I wouldn't mind so much if not for the fact 1. Me got slavery...*ahem* tomorrow 2. It's a full day of practical test tomorrow. I'm so trainees will be even worse off... Eh? Shortness of breath? What? CCF? You're giving ventolin? Okay...pass... (Sorry, unless you're medically trained, you probably won't understand) Whatever shreds of credibility I still retain will evaporate like Iraqi resistance in Bagdad when the M1 Abrams came rolling in... C'est la vie...


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