Thursday, February 12, 2004

*Food Glorious Food*

*Cough*...yes oh glorious senior of mine... I like Pizza Hut calamari... Me a poor NSF spec with a really lousy allowance considering the work I get stuffed with so no money to eat good stuff.

Also, as result of my socio-economic upbringing and general exposure to food, I wouldn't know good Western food even if you force fed it down my gullet...=P

Quick update:

1. Trainees currently on attachment, so if you see me in Alexandra Hospital, I'm supposedly looking after them

2. Currently reading Up the Down Escalator, basically a critique on the current pessimistic culture prevalent today. About to finish it so anyone who wants to borrow it please leave me a note

3. Looking for The Sceptical Environmentalist, would be very grateful if someone is willing to loan or sell me a copy. Again please leave me a note.

Lastly, a reply to something on Her blog, the cute email on USA's foreign ply. Tried to post a comment but the computer said that I was at fault and refused to post it... *Sigh*, story of my life in NS.

*Ahem*...anyway, the email was very cute but ultimately fundamentally flawed because it is predicated on the basis that if you can't solve the whole problem, don't even bother to solve the bits that you can...=P

Cheerios Amigos!


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