Monday, February 16, 2004

*Shadowed lights on curtains*

I like the imagery so bite me...=P

I'm trying out this new theory which goes along the fuzzy wuzzy lines that if I blog more often, it might translate into my sub-conscious/psyche/animus/ego that I'm more self-disciplined...which hopefully can translate into tangible weight loss... *Sigh*...I see eating as a social thing...and having a canteen break is like the only real way to get a break anywhere in camp...

Anyway, V-Day was a blast... I'm so so glad we celebrated it like a week early... No long queues, over inflated prices or the absolute lack of choice on the menus... Instead I get to adjudicate a debate, have prata with Her and spend loads of quiet time with my Angel in the Chatterbox reading and critiquing the hist sem essays. Kudos to HC and AC in particular, I seriously enjoyed your essays...=)

Alright, logging off before my veneer of civility disapates and my strangely increasing desire to wreck havok and mayhem as my ORD approaches emerges...

Cheerios and chocolate milk!

p.s. *Ahem* sorry for the slight kawaii mood there....


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