Friday, March 05, 2004

*Heart at Ease*

Hey hey....what can I say? Except that glad I is my name, happy am I (a horrendous butchering of William Blake) for I AM VINDICATED!!!!

Okie...with all that sound and fury you might wonder what the h*** I'm referring to. Sorry Shakespeare's MacBeth, it actually signifies pretty little. But it means a lot to me...=)

Yup, I got my One for GP after my previous disasterous outing in my actual A's which had me collapsing to the ground (like a girl) midway through my prancing around the room (like a girl) having heard my other results...

Anyway, yes I still maintain that they probably lost like half my essay (9 1/2 pages long) and my comprehension in order to give me the 5 that i got (ooohhh...hubris huh?)... It's either that or Naomi Klein (Globophobe Canadian journalist) or Jonathan Grey (Anti-Globalist LSE lecturer, head of IR I think...hmmm maybe I shouldn't mention him then....for obvious reasons) marked my essay (which admittedly was rather rabidly pro-globalisation...but no worse than the Economist and much less so than Thomas Friedman)

But yes...happy happy happy...=)



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