Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ST Letter Rejected (Thankfully?)

Well, to be fair I didn't expect the letter to be accepted and it (the spoof) probably wouldn't have made sense if one did not actually bother to go dig out the letter to which it was responding to.

Further, while I appreciate the poor journalist/editor has to plough through all of the letters that he/she receives daily and that a standard-form response is the most efficient way of doing so, nonetheless, the following brought an ironic smile to my face.

If your letter relates to a matter under the purview of a government department, you may want to visit for a list of officials to contact.
After all my letter was meant to be extreme and over-the-top and the thought that it be submitted to a public official and possibly taken seriously sends chills down my spine. After all I really don't see the sentiments expressed being too far removed from what the original letter writer was expressing.

Anyway for anyone wanting a more exhaustive debunking of Mr Nelson Quah's letter, go check this out. It's yummy civil libertarianism without all the annoying legal technicalities and jargon that would have bogged my analysis down!

Oh and it's a good blog too.



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