Wednesday, May 05, 2004

*Long long long day*

Okay! Point of clarification! It seems that my last blog wasn't clear enough. I actually argued for the criminalisation of spousal rape. The law question was that the current status quo was that sexual intercouse between man and wife cannot be rape and I voted to change it. Hence the weird syntax in some areas...

Right anyway, MOE TA interview today, which lasted a grand total of around ten minutes, 45 seconds of which was exchanging of pleasantries... I mean, yes, I did reject it last yuear...but wow, can't believe it was over so quickly...=) I pleaded my case for an upgrade in the scholarship thing and I'm hopeful but well...gee...

And yes, I admit to blowing my top during the dental ffi today. By the gods, they kept us waiting for more than an hour with no instructions on what exactly was to be done. Make some noise and get shouted at with threats to send all of us back. I mean, sure, it was a little noisy, but base human decency should include requesting that we lower our volumes first before threatening our hopes of salvation and sanity in the real world. Damn military structure!

Part of the TMP is down, another to go... The only reason I'm slogging my butt off now when I should be kicking back and relaxing is that unlike the so-called regulars, I actually understand the meaning of the word responsibility and the other value called professionalism... Yes I'm f-ing bitter and angry at the entire situation and to be frank I'm tempted to just stop and let them all get shafted...

And on that happy thought, cheerios!


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