Tuesday, May 04, 2004

*Law Written Test*

First things first! New link to Karin...check the side... Sorry for the delay in putting in up...a thousand apologies...

Anyhow, yes, for those who read her blog, you would learn that the test was on whether we should criminalise spousal rape.

Well, I personally tried to argue that no, the law should not be changed on the basis that since there is legal recourse (i.e. domestic abuse/violence), it should be part of the wider effort to stop governmental intrusive into the privacy of the bedroom, i.e. get rid of 377. Furthermore, considering that a marriage can be annuled on the basis of not consumating it, there is an implicit contract of sexual congress in the institution of civil union/marriage.

Then as I wrote the con side I realised that I couldn't sustain the argument. What persuaded me in the end was two things. First, the Judiciary should not attempt to legislate, that it should be left to the Legislature, passed by the Executive and based on the mandate of Vox Populi Vox Dei (the Voice of the People is the Voice of God) and since there SEEMS to be no impetus for an advance in sexual mores but a desire for gender equality and protection of women's rights, the law should be changed to preserve the status quo. Second reason was this, while I did make the feminist arguments (I don't think it is necessarily...um...unclean Karin), I felt more persuaded by the Man's rights. After all, it is an assumption that males are necessarily sexual predators and females the sexual victims. Rape is not about sex but power and if domestic violence can affect the guys, harmonise the laws to give protection to both sides! The law (in general) as it stands is demeaning to both genders and highly biased against males with regards to marriage and sexual crimes(Women's Charter anyone?) hence changing the law should be a good step in improving the situation...=P

Well...that's basically it...the last page and a half was fluff and nice sounding things... Pity I didn't get to use the word predicated...=P



At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit.. I have three hours left for my written test and this just scares the hell out of me. No way can I see stuff like that.


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