Friday, May 14, 2004

{{{{And so it comes to pass}}}}

After attempts spaced out over three years, I have finally come to terms regarding the likely probability of going to NUS. Goodbye LSE...=)

As long as the rejection letter from MAS and FIREfly is still not in , I still have some hope but honestly now....what are the odds of them suddenly deciding they want me? Similarly, I doubt the almighty MOE (or at least the HR lady and the Principals of TJC and Chun Cheng Sec) was swayed by the 'persuasive' arguments on why they should upgrade my teaching award to a full scholarship. *Shrugg* I can live with that.

At any rate, I now have prove positive that NS can be hazardous to your health. Before I went to my current unit, my BP was around systolic 110. Now, it's up to 140, which the MO says is a little hypertensive. And mom, being the health care professional that she is has been bugging me about it.

Her suggestion: More exercise or meditation. My solution: Zen Basketball! Where every dribble is an exercise at being one with the universe and the Here and Now. As well as answering a koan before every shot...=P

Well maybe Zen Pool will work better... Cheerios!


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