Saturday, May 08, 2004

*SMU Hammers*

So as it stands, the team know as HHCE (Heaven, Hell and Chocolate Eggs) has a win and a lost on its records with an unknown result for the last debate of the day. The lost was a split...and *ahem* there were some irregularities with the decision of the majority judges...but ah well...

Well...considering that the team was basically formed today in its entirety, I'm pretty happy with my performance and the team's! *Shrugg* more tomorrow...and there's not much of a chance that we'll break into the finals (mathematical probability indicates that only teams with perfect 4-0 will make it through) but yes we're determined to make a strong showing. It really doesn't hurt to get noticed...=)

Round 1: THBT the US should get out of Iraq. HHCE v NTU D (Prop won)
Round 2: THBT Japan's increasing remilitarisation is a threat to regional instability. HHCE v NTU C (Opp won, split 1-2)
Round 3: THW condemn the Death Penalty. HHCE v NYP B (Results pending)


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