Monday, May 10, 2004

*SMU Hammers Part Deux*

Alas alas, it was not to be. Heaven Hell and Chocolate Eggs eventually finished with a record of 2-2. We lost the last round and tis was a pity. Admittedly we would not have broken into the semis (SIM, NTU A, NUS A, NUS B) but we would have finished higher than a 9th in a field of 30.

To be fair, it's already pretty good and we did break at the top of teams with a 2-2 record and we weren't the last amongst the tertiary teams (Universities and Polys). Good enough lah! =P

A pity I still didn't get to use the word predicated but I did get to use Vox US Vox Dei (The Voice of the US is the Voice of God)...=P



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