Saturday, March 11, 2006

(mr. fluffy, beleaguered kittens and technology)

Just because Mr. Fluffy has a troop of minions of twilight to run Fluffytopia doesn't mean the life of a FUBAR is all icy drinks and paper umbrellas (they're passe anyway--the latest thing is to rim glasses with coloured sugars or salts. Mr. Fluffy likes his with pink salt hand harvested from his private lagoon). In order to stay in touch with his people Mr. Fluffy often goes to mingle with them--in disguise, of course.

One day, Mr. Fluffy wanders into an Internet cafe. Yes, Fluffytopia has access to the Internet, not an intranet. This is Fluffytopia, a fluffy paradise, not a workers' paradise. In any case, given that no one actually does any work, it can't be a workers' paradise, can it? So. Back to the Internet cafe. As Mr. Fluffy settles to check his email from his adoring subjects, he hears a soft mewing sound--a kitty cat in distress!

Fearing a dastardly attempt on his life by preying upon his good nature, Mr. Fluffy sends a minion of twilight to investigate. After all, what if it really is a cute furry pet in danger? The mewing stops, and the minion of twilight returns empty handed. No kitty cat. Perhaps it managed to find its way out of the Internet cafe?

While sending out copies of his autographed pictures (with digital watermarks to guard against forgeries, of course), Mr. Fluffy hears the plaintive cries of the cat again. Cute furry pets should not have to be in distress or else this would not be Fluffytopia! Mr. Fluffy decides to investigate, flanked by his minions of twilight.

The mewing stops. The party stops.

The mewing starts again, this time more plaintive than ever, and this time, the mewing does not stop. Sensing an urgency (what if we arrive too late!) Mr. Fluffy and his part transverses the crowded Internet cafe (see, the people of Fluffytopia love to gain knowledge!) in search of the kitten. No cute fluffy creature, not even an un-cute fluffy creature (but how can that be, Mr. Fluffy asks) to be found, yet the mewing continues.



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