Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Respectful Insolence: David Irving Reverts to Form

One of my favourite medical bloggers, the good doctor does remarkable take downs of extreme 'alternative' medicine proponents a.k.a. "alties" in remarkable easy to read prose despite the ton of jargon that accompany alot of these stuff.

Anyway, we share similar views about free speech and anti-holocaust denier laws so please do read through his blog so I don't have to.

But one of the things that didn't seem to make it into popular consciousness is the notion that David Irving might have been jailed because of his rather obvious perjury when he suddenly said he renounced his prior crank beliefs back in 1998 despite lauching a libel suit on this very matter in 2001.

Guess we now know where he really stands. Sad really. Not unlike creationists, IDers and HIV-AIDS denialists, their ideas are destructive too.



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