Thursday, February 23, 2006

*Goodbye nuance, Hello word limit*

The following is an "accurate"* rendition of what happened today:

0745: Alarm goes off. Wakes groggily and sees time. Vaguely recollects that I have to go to school to get work done on my public law assignment and to scan some documents. See time. Put head back on pillow.

0815: Mom tells me she's off to work. Author vaguely recalls responding but may have dreamt that

1034: Wakes up once again. Still incapable of finding the energy or inclination to get up despite deadline looming.

1145: See above

1255: See above.

1330: More fully awake, mentally curses self for not having sufficient will power to get up

1330-1500: Various grooming thingees and travel and lunch

1500-1800: In work, some work done. Get correct citation methods. Click on word count and mentally cursing as way over word limit by around 800 words. Read through essay. Mental weeping and beating of chest as author finds himself incapable of even knowing where to start cutting. Makes one or two half-hearted attempts to cut down essay length. Does successfully eliminate 35 words from essay. Hears that people have already handed in their paper. Gives up and goes for dinner.

2015: Work resumes.

2100: Reorg! now down to 495 words

2110: 444 words

2130: 403 words left. Expresses frustration to Her.

2145: Trying not to whimper as start cutting out entire sentences and paragraphs. 254 words!

2200: Gives up on nuance and possible entire line of argument. 148 words *sob*

2225: Getting picky and trying to switch on grammer padent. 61 more words!

2226: Gets sidetracked on exchange on "Big Sticks" (I meant FDR's foreign policy obviously)

2228: 27 more words

2229: 3 more words

2230: Finally done!

I have to wonder whether it's a particular affliction of mine to have to constantly struggle with word limits. According to my entirely unscientific poll, it seems that I'm not the only one. But the problem with my poll is that the people I'm closer to (at least on a conversational level) would have similar afflictions.

Oh well, one down, another one to go by Monday.



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