Saturday, March 11, 2006

*Breathing a sigh of relief a.k.a. More fillers*

I'm not entirely certain I appreciate the seeming drift of this blog towards my personal life but I figure that until I recuperate sufficiently to start commenting on Middle Eastern Politics again (see the lastest Ridge for an interesting article that argues that we should not identify terrorists as it would mean that we label all of them as terrorist and are therefore all brought down to the level of badness...).

Well, that's that. After months of non-stop work dating back to the Luner New Year, where I spent a holiday in Bangkok basically cooped up in the hotel room desperately attempting to finish a public law seminar and the essay for St Gallen, I think I've reach a sort of break point.

Oh wait there's the monday seminar on protection of life and liberty and preventive detention. Dang.

At any rate, I've spent last Saturday and this at the Dorothy Chong Invitationals which is the largest debating tournament in Singapore, compromising a majority of the tertiary institutions and most of the junior colleges. It was a blast insofar as we actually won our debates, broke into the quarter-finals, won that, reached the semis before getting knocked out by the eventual winners of the tournament. And oh, we bested the other finalist in our first preliminary round. Small consolation perhaps but that's all there is when you don't even get a certificate for being a semi-finalist. =P

If you want to read something, post a comment. I'm too tired to actually search out for annoying articles to shred.




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