Friday, March 10, 2006

*Welcome to Shaun's Repository of Useless Facts* a.k.a. Feeling useless at ArtsQuiz Finals

First the good news. Vox Populi (the general knowledge quiz one, not the debate one) composing of David, CL and Me have actually won the inaugral Art's Club ArtsQuiz in an incredibly nail biting finals (we effective won at the last two questions of round one after trailing by 500 points to the next team and 800 to the leading team).

In the process, we have made for ourselves a nice profit of $80 (in total cash prizes) and various sundry stuff. Anyone who wants to buy a 1 month free pass to California Fitness let me know.

This makes a nice runup to the big money of the Chancellor's Challenge Shield and a vindication of sorts when we lost the narrowest of margins to RJC in the last GK tournament.

The author is just upset that he was next to utterly useless at the finals where he could not answer even one question for the team. This was in marked contrast to the preliminary round where he could count on his knowledge of philosophy (thank goodness for Jurisprudence and Public Law), economics and Shakespearean plays to pull his considerable weight for the team. =P

In a manner of speaking, I'm pretty used to coasting to wins in these things. Back in HCJC, I was with Eunice for the Inter-CT GK quiz and we won by a pretty massive margin. During the Vice Chancellor Shield, if it had not been the absolute disaster that was the National Education category that was during the second round, we could have sat out the last round and still won.

So it was a rather peculiar feeling looking at questions in the finals and having absolutely no idea at an answer. Not even an educated guess. It felt as if we were suddenly transported to Mastermind.

Anyway, this is just a filler post until I get back to proper blogging which would be hopefully soon.




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