Thursday, March 16, 2006

*Changes to Blog: Part Duex*

Remember this essay? That's the reason for why the description of my blog has changed. In case you aren't aware of what the previous description was, here it is in full:

This is generally not a personal blog. This is a blog where the author hopes to find fame, fortune, riches, and hopefully a trip to St. Gallen on the strength of his writing and his sometimes acerbic wit. Corporate sponsors please apply, I'm willing to sell out. Peace.
Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm going to the St. Gallen Symposium!
*Mr Fluffy sends his robotic minions of twilight to make all the happy noises and expressions that the Al-Gore like author is incapable of expressing*

At this point, I'm still attempting to discover who the rest of the Singapore contingent is because I figure on travelling round Europe for a couple of days after the symposium and company would be fantastic.

I promise not to talk debate.




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