Sunday, January 15, 2006

*As promised: Links to posts on Public Law and Constitutional Issues on this blog*

This is just a quick and dirty search using the google function, it will get a whole load of hits but obviously some will be less relevant than others. Blog Search: law

So, from the as Google as sorted by relevance,
1. Fun with Public Law readings. Reflections after reading attached seminar articles on "Asian Values" and Asian Democracy, especially with the events of the past decade.

2. IHT: There are also battered men. Commentary on IHT article on partner violence where the victims are male. Not directly relevant to public law except insofar as it poses the question of what does equal protection under the law and due process mean in cases where differences exist and having to face a somewhat hostile cultural/societal mindset.

3. Universal Declaration of Human Rights: All human rights for all Personal opinions on why Human Rights as reflected in the Declaration are indeed Universal. More importantly, it focuses on and explains the last 2 articles which express the notion of balancing of rights. No rights are absolute. Sometimes they (fundamental rights) do conflict.

4. IHT: Yahoo in China - Rising Tide of Anger. Somewhat balanced look at the issues surrounding the situation of foreign companies helping the Chinese authorities to censor and crackdown on dissent. Human Rights meets Jurisprudence meets CSR.

5. Thought Experiments: Why I believe in a Liberal Secular Democracy Self-explanatory. Read the comments for some errors that I made with regards to historical events

6. Entr'acte: Next lone US Dissent: Cultural Diversity Short commentary post that touches on form versus substance and the law of unintended consequences i.e. when cultural diversity doesn't really mean what it says.

7. On Capital Punishment, Death Penalty and Judicial Discretion. Self-explanatory. It's a very empirical and consequence based approach. Not much constitutional issues touched upon here I'm afraid.

8. Supreme Court hears hallucinogenic tea case. Should an activity that is otherwise illegal get an exemption from the law on the basis that it is a religious activity? Tough call.

9. IHT: Cartoons ignite cultural combat in Denmark. "What else would you call a situation whereby the self same laws that allow for the publication of a (technically) blasphemous cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, also allows for the operation of Hizb ut-Tahrir, or the Party of Liberation, which preaches its ideology of the creation of an Islamic caliphate and the unification of all muslim countries under one leader who would then implement the Sharia?" Personal thoughts about the danger of an official stance of intolerance towards intolerance.

10. A System of Trust or a System of Checks and Balances? Reply to letter that decries the 'fad' called 'openness'.

11. Andy Ho defends the Singapore Model. Or does he? If nothing else, just click on this to get to the link for Dr Tai Heng Cheng's article, "The Central Case Approach to Human Rights: Its universal application and the Singapore example." Read this really good article on form versus substance in Rule of Law and whether Human Rights are really being protected or violated. Seriously, read the article.

12. Addendum to Andy Ho's article See above. Stuff from other bloggers. Including links to Prof Michael Hor's article, "Singapore's Innovation to Due Process"

And that's about it so far. There are probably a few more articles but I'm too lazy to search for them. Odds are, I'll be commenting a lot more on Public Law this sem, hopefully the exercise will be as beneficial to you as readers as it is to me as a writer.



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