Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cambodian Information Center >> Cambodia News

*This takes the cake*

Um, in the 3 years I have been blogging, this has got to be one of the most interesting referal site links I've ever had to my blog. If you scroll down, you'll see the title of this blog Post Hoc, Egro Propter Hoc, which references the stuff I wrote on public law yesterday.

The other odd referal link I had was the one that invited me to submit my blog to a metalink site under mysticism. That I had to regretfully turn down because despite my choice of religion and the moniker I go under (both of which are Buddhist and Buddhist concepts), nevertheless this blog has very little to do with mysticism as regular readers are all too well aware. Sometimes, painfully so.

But the oddest referal links I've had were search terms all linked to sex, sexual intercourse, fetishes or pornography, all of which I've had commented in one form or another.

Oh well, as long as people read and take something away from it, I'm happy enough as it is. As happy as *insert famous gamer* playing *favourite game*. Sorry geek joke from PVPonline.




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