Friday, January 06, 2006

*Snooze snooze and SLR-MDC Debates*

The Author had a very long day filled with meetings and talk, lots of talk, some of it bordering on a lecture, in fact, possibly a matter dump. As such and because he also has to start his Trust and Equity readings, there is likely not to be any substantive posts today.

In other news, I'm pleased to announced that Tania had graciously agreed to reprise our team for the 2nd SLR-MDC debate. We look forward to it and to the debate with our opponents *heh heh heh*

And finally, here's Mr Fluffy back from its vacation in its benevolent despotic regime of Fluffytopia (now an even more idyllic Pacific Island) to entertain you. *Mr Fluffy hammers out a riff on his electric guitar and does a stand-up comedy*



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