Friday, November 18, 2005

Newsletter: Parody or Real?

*You Decide!*

Once again, the author has a disclaimer before you click the link at the top. The author disclaims all liable for any harm, including but not limited to the following catagories of personal, mental or physical hurt. So if you psychic ability gets destroyed after reading this, don't come crying to me. The author also disclaims any damage caused by readers falling backwards after leaning back in their chairs and thereby causing damages to the chair and/or the floor. Neither will the reader hold the author liable for any scalds that are the result of you spilling you drinks over your hands or the keyboard.

*Mr Fluffly finishes reading the newsletter and senses...hostility. Gasp! He's psychic!*

Anyway, for the answer check out this "newsletter" and this post over at

It made my day, will it make yours?



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