Tuesday, November 15, 2005

*What happened during the 3 hours that made up the Author's Comparative Legal Tradition test*

*Cough* Drumrolls please! Mr Fluffy rattles out a fast roll.
*Drumrolls* For you entertainment
*Drumrolls* For your edification
*Drumrolls by Mr Fluffy doing it behind its back* For your amusement!

8:57 - Author sits in front of the computer waiting for it to be 9:00 a.m.

8:58 - Author still sitting in front of the computer waiting for it to be 9:00 a.m.

8:59 - Author repeatedly right-clicking on the refresh button in IVLE in anticipation of 9:00 a.m.

9:00 - Anticipation. No paper. Checks time again and refreshes his clock. Doesn't seem to work. Microsoft time server not responding.

9:00:37 - Folder opens and exam question is made available

9:01:04 - Reads question

9:01:24 - Curses under his breath because he doesn't understand what the questions wants and wonders why it wasn't a question about tolerance instead

9:02 - 9:16 - Essay planning. Wondering if the answer makes any sense

9:58 - Hits slightly over 400 words. Still on target. Happy

10:02 - Read through the first 400 words and realises the answer doesn't flow. Restructure answer. Curses the ineffectiveness of Lipton Tea.

10:27 - Paces in living room trying to speak out his essay. Hits upon a brilliant answer.

10:27:25 - Realises that the answer was to a different question.

10:47 - Stuck at 600 words and wondering what the hell the prior 100 words meant.

11:15 - Finishes the first part of the question. Looks at computer time and panics

11:38 - Finished first draft and attempting to hammer out a conclusion while edditing the first 1000 words.

11:48 - Finally finishes the conclusion. Goes back to read the earlier paragraphs

11:50 - Looks at thesis and wondering what the hell it means. Makes a valiant attempt at rescuing it.

11:52 - Reads introduction and wondering if the caffine had kicked in yet. Despairs.

10:55 - Realises he has no time to bemoan his wretched writing and rushes into his room to upload the answer.

11:55:24 - Hits the switch and hopes the modem boots up in time. Rapidly transfers his answer to the 'template' and hopes the formatting doesn't screw up.

11:57: Modem finally finishes booting up. Fumbles the firewire cable before managing to plug it into laptop. Desparate counting the seconds as the little notification icon blinks

11:57:30 - Notification icon finally blinks complete. Clicks on the browser and desperately closes the 3 start up pages of BBCNews.com, CNN.com and IHT.com. Types in the IVLE address

11:58 - Types in his user name and password

11:58:15 - At home page. Clicks on workbin.

11:58:25 - Workbin loads. Uploads the file, hammers in the description and clicks submit.

11:58:45 - Little notification icon reads "Uploading 0%"

11:58:50 - Little notification icon STILL reads "Uploading 0%"


And as of my uploading time, only 142 answers were in. It is not a good paper I fear.




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