Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Questionable Authority: A clean sweep in Dover

*A precusor to something good?*

In case, you haven't read anything about the trial that just ended in Dover (verdict to be announced in about slightly more than a week), a group of parents sued the District School Board for mandating the teaching of ID (Intelligent Design) or as it should be more accurately known, Creationism 2.0. For while there might be differences with your 'standard' Creationism, it's worth noting that the book that there are pushing i.e. Of Pandas and People, supposedly the standard bearer of ID for High Schools seems to have simply replaced the word Creationism with Intelligent Design. This (Un)intelligent move was highlighted when the word 'cdesign proponentsists' (sic) came up in the 1997 draft of a second edition.

Anyway, the entire school board in Dover (those who had opposed the ID move had resigned in protest) was defeated and replaced by a board that will take steps to put it where it belongs, an elective comparative religion class. This was despite the fact that in an overwhelming Republican area, these reformist members all ran as democrats. So I suppose that makes up for the fact that the vote was pretty close (but outside of the statistical margin of error i.e. + or - 3%).

It's a good antidote after hearing that Kansas voted in a new science standard that has a bunch of lies including how recent fossil and molecular biology has threatened Darwinism (anyone who uses this term is almost certainty a creationist of some form). Click here for more.




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