Wednesday, November 16, 2005

*It's Fluffy Day!*

*Mr Fluffy sighs and smacks around the author for a bit for taking his name in vain...again*

The Romans had a saying, "Those the gods wish to punish, they fulfill their desires". The Chinese had something equivalent, "Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it." I personally think it's a longer way of saying Know Thyself (and not in the Biblical sense, although there's always what Woody Allen said...).

*Cough*, anyway, Mr Fluffy was originally used as a literary device, mostly to mock and laugh at certain arguments and facts. And besides he's cute. Last we heard, with his robotic Minions of Twilight, he took over a tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific and installed himself as a Fun Benevolent Autocrat (FUBAR) where in preparation for his corronation, he managed to browbeat his Sous Chef to provide vegetarian meals.

This was of course part of his corronation where he was to give a speech and otherwise mingle with the rest of the International Community where he sought admission into the various International Governmental Organisations (IGOs) as well as win influence amongst the ranking leaders of the world. To cut a very long story short (one that involved two attempted military coups and a final consolidation of the greatest South Pacific Empire ever known, Fluffitopia!), he installed a technocratic government made up of his robotic minions and set them to rule his empire while everyone else went to frolic in the specially created Intergrated Resorts.

But he grew bored with sitting by the beach, drinking little cocktails with funny blue paper umbrellas with it and so he's back to serve more sardonic wit and to serve bitter-sweet justice to those who deserve it.'s that kind of day.




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