Tuesday, October 04, 2005

CNN.com: DeLay faces money laundering charge

*The beginning of the end of the Republican Majority?*

The Economist devoted its leader to the multiple threats to President Bush's power and popularity as well as to the Republican party last week. I haven't read it yet and neither have I had the time to pull it from their online site. But hopefully, in the near future I would have something to say about it.

But what I can and will say is this. This is a very good example of how just because someone is good at what he or she does (in this case, Tom "The Hammer" DeLay was one of the most formidible Republicans about, as exemplified by the previous lofty role they held) does not mean that she will be good for the organisation as a whole. I think in this instance, he has become a liability and odds are, even if he does survive this scandal, will be hard pressed to make a triumphant comeback to politics if at all.

And the Republican party will benefit from a distancing of itself from him for two reasons. 1. Because this scandal is a liability and distracts the Republican Party Council from getting work done. 2. Because what Tom DeLay represents is something that the Republican party should get away rapidly from, a big government conservative that is social conservative and will use the powers of government to runshod over the rights, liberties and freedom of the individual. This was not why the Republican Party of Lincoln was formed and is a massive deviance from the whole Goldwater Republicanism. Not to mention the Republicans might reclaim some of their hardearned reputation as fiscally responsible back.

An individual no matter how impressive is not the organisation and the organisation must look after its own interest and what is best for the long term survival, not the petty politics and ambitions of an individual.



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