Monday, October 03, 2005

*In case it wasn't blinding obvious...or maybe you're just a first time visitor*

I have changed the design of my blog somewhat. Actually the only thing I've changed is the title of my blog and the snappy and snazzy description that manages to capture the angst of a hip hop artist who sold out and decided to become a law student and along the way decides to express his feelings through subtle yet sardonic comments through a wide range of topics; which somehow inevitable boils down to sex, politics and religion.

Topics which are taboo in polite society and which the author excels at. he has managed to reduce his fellow conversationist to wide eyed jaw gaping stares. he has silenced rooms with a simple, 'so what's wrong with promiscuity'.

So much so that that polite society has rejected him and he is doomed to mutter and scribble his raving in unmeasured metre.

And oh, by the way, if you don't understand what the hell the title means, it's just latin for just because one thing follows another, the first thing caused the second. This logical fallacy has been the bane of many a debater and way too many writers and members of the public. It renders what was meant to be a causal link into nothing more than one unsubstantiate assertion after the other.

And now back to your regular programming of sex, politics and religion. Today's menu will be the last two. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about more ID.

So check out the American Civil Liberties Union Of Pennsylvania's blog Speaking Freely: Covering the Dover Trial on a regular basis to find out what's been happening. If nothing else, read the 1st day's transcripts, Prof Ken Miller for the Plaintiffs was nothing short of amazing and will guide you through the philosophy of Science, what Evolution is and is not and why Intelligent Design is not science but religion.




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