Tuesday, September 27, 2005

CNN.com: 'Intelligent design' debate back in court

*The scientific trial of the 21st Century*

This isn't hyperbole. Just to give you a quick sense of what is at stake.
1) The nature and methodology of the scientific method
2) The separation of Church and State
3) Determination of what ought to be legally allowed to be taught in schools
4) Science itself: By the scientific method or goddunit!

In case you have absolutely no idea what ID is or what it is about or why there are people who still refuse to believe in Evolution, check out my previous posts here and here. In particular, do check out all the attendent links to get a feeling of how scientifically vacuous it is. It makes for great pseudo-science as well as for some whose faith requires them to reconcile it with science. I mean it's faith after all and science by it's very nature and methodology i.e. focusing on the material world and using naturalist explainations (non-supernatural) cannot answer the 'bigger questions' of life.

I think this will spell the end of ID as a 'science' and will finally force it to reveal its very narrow fundamentalistic religiousity at its heart. The scientist pushing this 'science' will finally have to put up or shut up ion a court of law. It's one thing to try to obsfucate and evade in the court of the public opinion and before the scientific community, but the judge won't allow that.

I'm looking forward to see what the creationist come up with next after this failure.



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