Sunday, October 02, 2005

90% True >> I am a Terrorist

*The demise of common sense: How parody can get you into trouble in a paranoid world*

The link above seems to be a true story. I haven't checked it out yet but it doesn't send my Urban Legend sense tingling so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, it's hillarious and should be read preferably without holding anything hot in your hands or whilst drinking anything. Seriously.

In summary, it's about the story of a young sorry student who did a line by line parody of some fundy's letter sent to the entire class. And anyway, it got him into trouble with the cops. At any rate, I like parody letters, it tends to cut to the heart of the matter, like the one I did on aspartame and twisting innocent facts to make it look like some deadly killer and implicating tomatoes in the process.



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