Wednesday, August 31, 2005


To appease certain persons who claim that my blog reveals absolutely nothing about me and that they have absolutely no idea what's happening in my life, I am about to offer an update of what's happening. Which brings the number of posts about me happily into the double digits.

1. I've gotten a temporary lease of life yesterday (or so I thought) when the deadline for the submission of my moot memorial was extended to Monday. Unfortunately, my weekend schedule of fun and decadence was premised (I love this term) upon me actually being free that weekend.

2. Our team has actually made it into the CCS (Chancellor Challange Shield) finals. This actually holds some value for me not least because of the makeover vouchers (though the prize money would be great for pocket money) but also because I couldn't even make it past the prelim rounds back in J2 (2001), although we did go on to win the VCS that Saturday.

Anyway, the aim of this blog was to hopefully be for the edification of the general public and for me to blow off steam at some of the truely bad articles and argumentations I've read. Originally, it was to be an objective and funny source of opinion and commentary on burning issues (literal or metaphorical) of the day. I hope that it has still maintained sembalance of objectivity in that I can at least admit the arguments of my opponents. But the funny comes and goes.

And while I would seriously love to blog about what happens in law school (I'm formulating a TV script based on life in Law School along the lines of the West Wing. It's actually working out somewhat), I would seriously hope not to make too many enemies or hate fans as would likely be the case if I went along that merry little path. Maybe I'll start a private blog....

So yes, Peace!

I promise to post something on This House Would Legalise Animated Child Pornography soon, once I'm finished with the Australian judgements on Loss of Chance anyway.



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